The Sparkling Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Buffalo horn chain necklace is one of the jewelry favored by women, not only young people but also all kinds of ages. As we know, it’s hard to resist the charm and sparkle of jewelry, especially if the jewelry is made of classic and natural materials. One of the classic materials is made of horn. The horn comes from cows and buffalo. The animals are not hunted for their horns but they die naturally or are taken in slaughterhouses.

A variety of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets made of gold and diamonds looks very beautiful. It’s just that from a variety of jewelry variants, which type of jewelry is a women’s favorite? According to several surveys revealed that among the many variants of jewelry, the most preferred by women are necklaces and rings.

Based on observations from jewelry buyers about 40 percent of women are very fond of necklaces and rings compared to other jewelry such as bracelets or earrings. This sale is certainly outside of the desire to buy a wedding ring. After the necklace, the second sequence is the ring and it is occupied by earrings and followed by bracelets. Necklaces become the most popular jewelry by women because it is very easy to find and all sizes will fit all types of neck sizes.


Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace and Rings

The reason why the ring ranks number two is because it’s a small size and cheaper but very easily seen by others. The ring as well as necklace indirectly also becomes one of the status symbols of a person, but in a more subtle way than a bracelet or earrings.

In addition, the ring is also considered as one type of jewelry that is able to beautify your fingers and make it look more tapering. In addition, the ring is also the choice of many women because the price tends to be cheaper than the price of a necklace or bracelet. The price is cheaper so you can get more than buying a more expensive bracelet or necklace.

We all know – and most of us are certainly grateful that consumers like diamonds, gold, and other sparkling objects. But have we ever considered why people are so interested in jewelry, and other shiny objects such as shiny mirrors or clothes full of beautiful beads?

Some people might consider this a silly question but the facts prove that people like shiny objects because they look very beautiful. There is even a research paper that appears in the Journal of Consumer Psychology giving a deeper and detailed explanation.


Charming Sparkling Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace Full of Enchantment

One of the three authors of this paper is Vanessa Patrick and she has worked with J. Walter Thompson De Beers as a researcher. Patrick is doing research about the preference for glossy materials. The most explanation is that a shiny object will always look good. So, as part of this research, they found something more important. People who are blindfolded still prefer to touch shiny objects. Another possible explanation: socialization.

We like shiny things because we have been taught to love them. So, research shows kindergarten children two pictures of Santa Claus – one picture on glossy paper and one on plain paper. Children prefer shiny Santa Claus images, suggesting a preference for shiny is something that is a psychological factor that has been carried by children since childhood.

To explain the framework the researchers used, Patrick used a famous example: “Everywhere you go, in every culture people have similar views of what they think is ideal.” The researchers theorize that people prefer shiny objects because they generate water. Notes that the previous research found that people associate something sparkling with something wet.

From an evolutionary point of view, respect for water it does makes sense. The role of freshwater plays a role in our health and we cannot survive for only a few days without it. So what does this mean for the industry? Patrick noted that the jewelry sparkled against a matte background, emphasizing its elegance like a horn chain necklace .