Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace , Luxury is Scarcity

Hermes Horn Necklace
Hermès is a fashion brand from Paris that is synonymous with luxury and fashion that is timeless. Hermès uses classic materials, for example, horns, so buyers who want to buy from the store whose selling original Hermes horn necklace can visit their boutique.

The fashion world moves slowly, but the Hermès company has excelled in the digital world and moves as fast as the speed of light while maintaining its own path as revealed by Isabelle Harvie-Watt of luxury fashion consultant Havas LuxHub.

In a recent speech, Harvie-Watt criticized several luxury companies because they had failed to become more active in the digital world so they lost the competition. For the most part, the initial responses of well-known brands did not try to be defensive. However, he said that Hermès is one of the brands that have combined technology well with their brands so they don’t feel the impact that has taken place in the world of online shopping.

Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace and Online Purchases

The website, in all its inefficiencies that do not pay too much attention to the convenience of online purchases, leading brands say that it is not part of their brand identity, but these well-known brands still have to be introspective.

Although Hermès doesn’t use Twitter, they use Instagram and Facebook to connect with their customers online. The website launched in 2002 has become the fastest-growing “boutique” in the company, according to Chavez. Hermès has also been present in 14 states, but they have sent to 50 states. Initially, Hermès only sold classic accessories, but now they even sell bicycles online Necklace .

Like most CityCenterDC retail stores in Washington DC, Hermès has defined itself as a luxury brand. However, the term luxury has been widely heralded so the meaning becomes bleak. Longchamp, another store at CityCenterDC also considers itself a luxury brand that has a unique heritage and perspective.

Selling Original Hermes Horn Necklace

Based on this, Hermès wants to stick to the true meaning of luxury in the minds of their consumers. Shea argues that “luxury” has been redefined — in support of Hermès — and that has nothing to do with price. “Expensive is not the same as a luxury,” Shea said. “Luxury is the same as scarcity. That is the actual expensive according to Hermès version. ”

The women in the millennium group continue to want a Birkin type bag. Why? Not because they are global citizens who grew up with extraordinary access to all things through technology. This changes the consumption model in ways that we still understand. The same motivation that made people choose Hermès because of their artistic value and scarcity that attracted them.

Chavez said that the craftsmen who made the company bags were at the core of the definition of luxury. Waiting to get something you want is a true pleasure. People will always be willing to wait for quality. Consumers know that to create high artistic takes time. It takes more than 20 hours to make one Birkin bag in the hands of highly experienced experts using technology, but still using handmade techniques.

For a type of brand like Hermès, the question is how to use technology to provide better service to customers, but still not forget the traditional side like the old days, which is still using handmade.

Maybe one day you can order a Birkin bag online as Harvie-Watt said, but you still have to wait before the bag is ready, you can not press the button and at that time the bag is already there and ready to be sent to the customer the next day.

All need a process, like when you want to buy a necklace from a store that selling original Hermes horn necklace in the Hermès boutique.