Horn Necklace and Determine Clothes Based on The Length

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Horn necklace and to look attractive with a necklace whether in the form of chains, pendants, or strands of pearls need to pay attention to the shape of your face, neck, and body to get the right necklace and lift the beauty that you already have.

You have to look at your collection of accessories and jewelry, did you find a necklace that you rarely use? Let’s think about why you rarely use it.

Now, you may no longer like the necklace. It can be a fun part and you get bored with that model. And, of course, that could be a “gift you don’t like” from someone who was good in the past.

But most likely there are two main reasons why you rarely wear the necklace. One: Can not match the collection of clothes from your closet. Second reason: the model doesn’t make you look more beautiful. Let’s look at options so you can find the best necklace for you.

Tips for Choosing Horn Necklace

A heart-shaped face is suitable for wearing a lower choker necklace because the necklace can soften the sharp angle of your chin.

A rectangular face is suitable for wearing a choker necklace that is placed high because the shape of the necklace can be seen to reduce the long volume of the face.

If you are tall and thin, a rather large necklace can be the best choice. Necklaces that are worn with small and fine models are perfect for thin women. Can wear a necklace with a stack of 3 or 4 types when used.

If you wear clothes with patterned clothes, you can wear a necklace with a smaller motif. You can also use the “Mix and Match” method by adding complementary colors to get brighter colors for your clothes.

Some examples, red shirts with black necklaces, brown clothes with blue necklaces, cream shirts with pink necklaces, and so on are the right color mix when combined. Can you imagine how a necklace can beautify your appearance?

For those of you who love necklaces, you should invest in choosing a quality necklace so that it can last long so that the necklace can last for years. If you are good at caring for a horn necklace that can be handed down to your children.

Horn Necklace and Determine Clothes Based on The Length of the Necklace
It should be noted that the jewelry industry has a standard necklace length measured in inches, however, if the chain can be cut to the desired length and also there are specially designed pieces whatever the designer wants.

The length of the 14 inches horn necklace, which is a necklace with a collar, will be tight around the neck, suitable for wearing an open neck shirt like a scoop neck or v neck or an off-shoulder dress and boatnecks.

The length of the 16 inches necklace is called a necklace with a choker, a tight shape around the throat and suitable for use in any type of clothing.

The length of the necklace is 18 inches, the model of the Princes necklace, the shape is right on the collarbone and suitable to be used with any type of clothing.

So some guides in choosing a based on the style if you want to buy a horn necklace are good to remember.