How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry

How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry
Here we will explain how to take care horn jewelry and other jewelry that need to be known by women. As we know, accessories or jewelry will always be a very important part of the fashion world in the present and in the future.

Steps on How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets are jewelry that can add tremendous value to one’s appearance besides helping to emphasize one’s individualistic and personal style. When Indonesian consumers and their fashion of sensitivity evolve, the demand for accessories is getting higher.

Accessories in the form of jewelry such as necklaces are no longer just a category that serves to complement clothing, jewelry has now become a major necessity in shaping consumers’ journey to show their identity and social strata, especially in this increasingly changing brand awareness and fashion.

Depending on the style of each customer, jewelry can be divided into two broad sub-divisions, enhance appearance and as a statement. The first category is used to add to the appearance to fit the desired strata while the second is used to show the expression of the style you want to share with the public.

The first thing to do is these stages:

The first stage,

Gather all the jewelry that will be cleaned in one container.
There are no clear and binding rules, when and how long the jewelry must be cleaned. But broadly speaking, you can follow the following practical rules: the more you use it, the more often you have to clean it.

The reason is that more often your jewelry is exposed to dust and sweat and other dirt. You can clean the jewelry every few months or when you see the jewelry looks dull.

Keep in mind that how to care for jewelry made of gold, silver will be somewhat different from the method of cleaning with pearls, wood, or even horns and other materials. If the jewelry is also mixed with precious gemstones the treatment will be different.

The way how to clean jewelry made of gold and silver will be different from those not from silver or gold. So, you can use ordinary jewelry cleaners to clean gold and silver jewelry, no need to follow the method that will be given here.

If you are not sure whether the jewelry is made of real gold or not, ask the jeweler to help test the metal and gemstones in the jewelry and ensure authenticity so that you will not hesitate in the stage of cleaning.

How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry and Other Materials

Second stage

Check each piece of jewelry. Notice whether the jewelry is encrusted with gems or diamonds. If so, you should be careful when cleaning the area with liquids because if you are not careful can damage the jewelry.

Cleansing water, as well as water used for cleaning, can go under the gemstone and make the strength of the glue decrease so that the stone will likely be released later.

Avoid wearing jewelry when swimming because pool water contains chemicals that can go under the gemstone so that the glue that holds them together will loose and release.

Third phase
You can use a cotton stick or toothbrush to clean the jewelry, especially if there are gaps that are difficult to clean by hand. Sticks that are diluted by cotton or toothbrushes are easily found in every home.

In addition to cleaning hard-to-reach around gemstones, it will also protect your fingers from possible scratches from the sharp parts of the jewelry. You can also use magic eraser which is a kind of cleaning liquid to clean.

Make sure you use a new toothbrush and have never used before. Don’t even move the material that sticks to your old toothbrush onto the surface of the jewelry. Remove the toothbrush after using it to clean the jewelry.

So for those of you who are looking for it, you should pay attention to the things we have described above, maybe only that, hopefully it will be useful

So the stage is done on how to take care the horn jewelry and other jewelry materials and you can do these steps if you feel your jewelry has begun to look dull.