Tips for Choosing a Necklace to Suit Your Clothing

Tips for Choosing a Necklace (4)

Do tips for choosing a necklace that is tailored to the outfit sometimes make women confused? Here will be explained a few tips choosing a necklace that fits the overall appearance. What’s more frustrating than choosing the perfect outfit that needs to tailored to your event and character?

As we know, it would be great if we had a choice, but if too many choices in dressing would make the appearance unattractive because in the end you become confused and cannot determine which necklace is right for the clothes you are wearing at the time. Women all over the world are caught up in this difficulty every week – if not every day. In fact, women spend an average of 90 minutes a week looking at their closet to choose what to use.

Tips for Choosing a Necklace for Woman

Here’s how to coordinate jewelry optimally:
1. The necklace will match according to the theme of the event
Jewelry hanging on the wrist does not work well when you type on the keyboard. If you are dressed for work and you plan to type at work you should avoid wearing bracelets or even if you wear it should not be too much.

Your choice of jewelry for the church will be a different choice if you want to go to a nightclub. Be sure to consider where you go, what will you do, and how the jewelry will be seen by friends.

2. Use a large necklace or a statement necklace
Your dress up game may be right, but if you intend to make your face the center of attention, wear a shiny or flashy choker necklace that will sparkle your eyes.
Women with heart-shaped faces, for example, can consider wearing earrings to pair with a necklace that is not pointed at the bottom. Women with oval faces should consider triangular earrings to show off their cheekbones.

3. Jewelry does not cover the entire skin
Jewelry should not cover all clothes. Women must know how to highlight the color of their skin with their jewelry. Silver is a standard metal that illuminates natural shades. Gold is perfect for dark hair and matte skin. The horn is perfect for any atmosphere because of its neutral color.

4. Mix jewelry that is colored with cold colors
Rubies, diamonds and amber gems make a separate statement. These colors are fiery, ambitious and look good on black and white clothing. But do you think you can pair the colors with the opposite color? The trick is to combine soft colors with cool colors, for example, warm gemstones match the plain blue or purple material. For example, a set of ruby on a blue top completes the look with a bold statement.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Necklace
5. Mix cool jewelry with warm colors
There is a science behind matching colors in fashion. Many stylists refer to the color wheel for more inspiration in mix and match for fashion. The color wheel will tell you that when warm and cool colors are combined in one direction, they also blend with the opposite. Dark green and dark blue gemstones appear above the yellow or orange dress.

6. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend
This is nothing new. Diamonds have been used in jewelry since they were first discovered by people thousands of years ago. There is a good reason for this: diamond matches everything.

Not sure how to coordinate jewelry with your clothes? Choose a pair of diamonds. Classic white diamonds act as prisms under the light, showing off all the colors that make up the composition. Attention, the entire spectrum is there.

7. White pearls and solids in the color of the sea
You can combine pearls from stone. Conversely, dive specialists cannot process their own pearls in a simulated environment. The colors of aqua and blues to green and gray, these sea jewels best match various shades of sea water.

8. Gold, black and white
Be sure to coordinate jewelry that is black or gold, within yourself with a mix of matching and simple and classic clothes.

The things mentioned above need to be considered when looking at tips for choosing a necklace for women.